Group Hosting

We offer you the possibility of taking your courses and retreats in full nature, without a minimum of people and a maximum of 35.


classroom of Multiple uses and library

We have a classroom with capacity for 50 people, adapted for varied programs, such as courses, seminars, meditations, meetings, yoga practices, etc.

Our Library is a space for reconnection and retreat in which you can learn about all fields of human spiritual experiences, thanks to our more than 600 books of universal and ancestral culture of all time.



Vegetarian Food

We artistically combine all kinds of ingredients to produce nutritious and tasty Lactovegetarian dishes; karma free !! This spiritualized food called "prasadam" is deliciously satisfying as well.


We have options for people intolerant to some foods or for vegans.



Traditional and artisanal pizza. With sourdough and 100% natural ingredients. You can visit us during your stay at our hostel. A place to meet friends and relax to  taste our exquisite Italian pizzas.



Hindu Vaisnava Temple

An opportunity to live unique experiences of the culture and spiritual mysticism of the East, optionally attending rituals, liturgies and daily programs in the temple hall from 4:30 to 9:00 am.


Our own garden

Hospedería Plaza Govinda already supplies its kitchens with vegetables and fruits from its own garden, of course totally organic.



Taxi Service

Collection service is offered in the Provinces of Madrid and Guadalajara.


For more information, call us (+34 630 263 278) or contact us (